Purple Pillow Review

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Purple was founded in 2016 by two brothers with over 20 years of combined experience in aerospace materials, manufacturing, and design. The company began with the Purple mattress, which features a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material formed in the shape of a grid. The Smart Comfort Grid™ relieves pressure and provides exceptional support. Purple translated the Smart Comfort Grid™ mattress technology to create the Purple Pillow. They have since come out with a brand new Purple Plush Pillow. This offering expanded the product line to include a more traditional polyfill pillow.

The Purple Pillow’s unique grid keeps your head level while you sleep. The edges are reinforced to support your neck, while the softer center cradles your head. The Purple Plush Pillow has a more traditional feel, as it is filled with Smart Fluff made from interlocking denier poly fiber. Two sides of the Plush pillow feature zippers that allow you to adjust the pillow to be softer or firmer. Read on for our full review of the Purple Pillow and the Purple Plush Pillow.

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In-depth Purple Pillow Review

Purple Pillow Construction and Firmness Options

Firmness Options Loft Interior Materials Exterior Materials
Purple Pillow Only one option available - Medium Firm 3”; not adjustable Hyper-Elastic Polymer Smart Comfort Grid coated with a non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder Fabric cover is 88% Polyester, 9% Spandex mesh, 3% Nylon
Purple Plush Pillow Adjustable - Soft to Firm Adjustable “Smart Fluff” - interlocking 3 denier poly fiber puff balls Fabric cover is 60% Lyocell, 40% Nylon and treated to be moisture-wicking

How Do the Purple Pillows Perform?

Purple Pillow

Purple Pillow

Purple Plush Pillow

Purple Plush Pillow

Our Verdict

Purple offers innovative and unique pillows to appeal to different types of sleepers. The Smart Comfort Grid design of the Purple Pillow offers support for your head and neck. The temperature regulation of the grid’s passive airflow keeps your head and neck cool and comfortable. Side and back sleepers who prefer a low loft pillow that stays put throughout the night will enjoy the Purple Pillow. This low maintenance pillow is easy to clean and retains its shape.

For sleepers who prefer an adjustable pillow with more pliability, the Purple Plush Pillow is a good choice. The added benefit of an adjustable loft without having to remove or add filling provides a customized feel easily. Since the entire pillow is machine washable, it is easy to keep clean and requires minimal maintenance to retain its fluffy shape. It has a more traditional pillow feel and can be scrunched, folded, and adjusted to your desired shape and height. It also provides good support for back and side sleepers.

Both the Purple Pillow and the Purple Plush Pillow are designed with durability and comfort in mind. Their innovative designs and breathable materials provide a comfortable place to rest your head for a good night’s sleep.

Pros Cons
Purple Pillow
  • Smart Comfort Grid with reinforced perimeter provides comfortable head and neck support.
  • Hyper-Elastic Polymer retains its shape and elasticity.
  • Easy to clean; fabric cover can be machine washed and the Smart Comfort Grid can be hand washed.
  • Temperature neutral with passive airflow and a breathable fabric cover. Does not need to be fluffed.
  • Only one option available for size, firmness, and loft.
  • Does not conform to your head and neck as well as memory foam or latex.
  • Might not be as comfortable or supportive for stomach sleepers.
  • Heavy weight, especially compared to other pillow types.
  • Those who prefer a soft, pliable pillow may not like the firmness of the Purple Pillow.
Purple Plush Pillow
  • Loft is adjustable without having to remove or add filling.
  • Ventilated side panels improve air circulation and temperature regulation.
  • Lyocell and Nylon cover are breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • Smart Fluff filling makes the pillow pliable.
  • Entire pillow is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • May not provide adequate support for stomach sleepers.
  • As this is a newer product, durability and longevity have not yet been proven.
  • Does not conform to the head and neck as well as memory foam or latex pillows.
  • Lightweight fill may not provide enough support for heavier sleepers.
  • Requires regular fluffing to retain shape.

How Do Customers Rate the Purple Pillow?

Purple Pillow Purple Plush Pillow
Purple.com 3.8/5 (13,099 reviews) 3.4/5 (1,779 reviews)
Amazon 3.5/5 (647 reviews) 3.5/5 (4 reviews)
Google Shopping 3.7/5 (67 reviews) N/A
Consumer Reports N/A N/A

What to Know Before You Buy the Purple Pillow

The Purple Pillow and Purple Plush Pillow differ in price, size, and support. If you are wondering if the Purple Pillow or Purple Plush pillow is right for you, it is important to consider what type of sleeper you are and what you are looking for in your pillow.

Purple Pillow
Size Dimensions Loft Price
Standard 24" x 16" 3" $99
Queen N/A N/A N/A
King N/A N/A N/A
Purple Plush Pillow
Size Dimensions Loft Price
Standard 26" x 18" Adjustable $49
Queen N/A N/A N/A
King N/A N/A N/A

What Type of Sleeper is Well-Suited to a Purple Pillow?

Side Sleepers: When sleeping on your side, it is important for the loft of your pillow to be the right height to supports your neck and head. The Purple Pillow features a reinforced edge that supports your neck and keeps your head level when sleeping on your side. The Smart Comfort Grid is responsive to pressure, while still retaining its shape. The Purple Plush Pillow gives you the option of adjusting the loft of the pillow with its side zippers, which provides a customizable feel for a comfortable height. Depending on your personal preferences, either pillow should provide good support for side sleepers.

Back Sleepers: For back sleepers, it is important that the pillow supports the head and neck without tipping the head too far forward. The lower loft of the Purple Pillow provides comfortable support for back sleepers. The Smart Comfort Grid cradles the head while keeping the neck supported. Since the Purple Plush Pillow is adjustable, back sleepers can choose a softer or firmer feel for the right support. The poly fiber fill is lightweight for a soft feel under the neck and head. However, heavier back sleepers may find that the Plush Pillow is not lofty enough to keep their head level and supported.

Stomach Sleepers: Since stomach sleepers turn their heads to the side, they require a lower loft pillow to keep from straining their neck. The 3-inch loft of the Purple Pillow and its heavier construction may be uncomfortable for stomach sleepers. The Purple Plush Pillow features an adjustable loft that is better for a stomach sleeper. The soft, lightweight fill can be adjusted to a comfortable height. Heavier stomach sleepers may find that the Plush Pillow is not supportive enough, as they may sink into the lightweight poly fiber.

Purple Pillow Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230
Side Sleepers Good Good Good
Back Sleepers Good Very Good Good
Stomach Sleepers Poor Fair Poor
Purple Plush Pillow Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230
Side Sleepers Very Good Very Good Good
Back Sleepers Very Good Good Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Fair Poor

Purple Pillow Deals and Bundles

Purple offers promotions throughout the year. They currently offer a free product with the purchase of a Purple Mattress, up to a $129 value. You can choose which product to receive; the options listed include both the Purple Pillow and Purple Plush Pillow. This promotion does not have an expiration date listed.

Purple Delivery, Trial, and Warranty Information

Delivery: Purple ships to the United States and Canada. They offer free shipping within the contiguous United States. Shipping times are listed on each product page. Currently, the Purple Pillow is ready to ship in 5-6 days. The Purple Plush Pillow is ready to ship in 1-2 days.

Returns: Purple offers free returns on their pillows within 100 days of the date of delivery. The pillow must be clean and undamaged to be eligible for return within this time frame. Returns can be set up easily via phone or email.

Sleep Trial: Purple offers a 100-night trial on both the Purple Pillow and the Purple Plush Pillow. You have 100 days from the date of delivery to return the pillow. Purple recommends trying the pillow for at least 30 nights to fully adjust to the new pillow.

Warranty: Both the Purple Pillow and the Purple Plush Pillow are backed by a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Purple will repair or replace your pillow if it is found to be defective due to workmanship or materials.

Company Information

Customer Service: Purple is responsive when it comes to customer service inquiries and complaints. Their team is available via phone, live chat, and email, Monday through Saturday. The majority of customers seem to be happy with the Purple customer service team, regardless of whether they kept their Purple product.

Reputation: Purple has built its reputation around providing innovative mattresses and sleep accessories for a more comfortable sleep. The founders have years of experience in manufacturing and design that translate into unique and durable products.

BBB Rating: Purple has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau notes that the reason for the A rating is the length of time Purple takes to respond to customer complaints.

Years in Business: Purple started in 2015 with a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign for their original mattress design. They launched their website in 2016 and have since expanded their product line to include pillows, sheets, mattress accessories, and pet beds.

Physical Stores: While Purple does not have a brick-and-mortar shop, they do have a showroom in Alpine, Utah, where you can try out their products. Select retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond also carry Purple products.

Contact Information: The Purple Customer Service Team can be reached by phone at 888-848-8456, or by email at [email protected]. They also have a live chat option on their website. Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm MT, and Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm MT.