Nest Bedding Pillow Review

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Nest Bedding is a family-owned company based in the USA that has been making pillows since 2011. Nest Bedding also constructs mattresses, bed platforms, certified organic sheets sets, and organic blankets. Nest Bedding stands out because they produce everything with materials made in the USA. All of their materials are eco-friendly and include third-party testing. They boast 13 showrooms across the country.


In this review, we will focus on two of their bestselling pillows: the Nest Easy Breather, and the Easy Breather Natural. Nest Bedding also carries five other pillows:

  • Easy Breather Side Sleeper: adjustable memory foam.
  • Easy Breather Travel Pillow: adjustable loft and washable cover.
  • Easy Breather Contour Pillow: latex-free with a middle chamber and two different lofts, great for side sleepers.
  • Easy Breather Jr. Child’s Pillow: blended foam fill for softness without separation.
  • Cool Pillow: adjustable with shredded gel-foam filling.

Nest Bedding constructs its pillows out of high-quality chemical-free shredded latex and shredded memory foam. Their pillows come in different shapes and firmness levels, depending on your sleep position. Read on for a full review of the Easy Breather pillows.

In-depth Nest Bedding Pillow Review

Nest Bedding Pillow Construction and Firmness Options

Firmness Options Loft Interior Materials Exterior Materials
Nest Easy Breather Only one option available - Medium Soft 8”; adjustable Filled with a proprietary blend of shredded 75% flexible polyurethane memory foam and 25% polyester fiber Tencel blend sustainable fiber cover made of regenerated wood cellulose with a synthetic blend. It is not machine-washable.
Easy Breather Natural Only one option available - Medium 8"; adjustable Filled with a moldable Oeko Tex Certified natural latex foam The organic cotton cover is Oeko Tex Certified, and free of synthetics, animal products, chemicals, and Volatile Organic Compound Emissions.

How Do the Nest Bedding Pillows Perform?

Nest Easy Breather

Nest Bedding Easy Breather

Easy Breather Natural

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural

Our Verdict

Both versions of the Easy Breather Pillow will circulate air and keep you cool while giving exceptional support. Both pillows are free of harmful chemicals, but the Easy Breather Natural is made with organic latex, making it a better option for those concerned about purchasing eco-friendly products. The Easy Breather will provide more contouring and is generally a softer option for those who like a more “sunk-in” feel.

Nest Bedding constructs top-of-the-line pillows worth every penny over the more traditionally priced foam pillows on the market.

Pros Cons
Nest Easy Breather
  • Versatility with adjustable loft
  • Nest Pillows come in 3 sizes: Standard, Queen, and King
  • All-natural CertiPUR certification
  • Latex-free, 100% vegan pillow
  • An alternative to down with better contouring
  • Sleeps cool because of shredded filling and all-natural cover
  • Nest Easy Breather is not washable. Only spot cleaning is allowed
  • Higher price than most pillows
  • Some off-gassing for the first day or two
  • Shipped compressed, so you have to wait for spring-back
  • Not a lot of spring back so this pillow may feel too soft for some sleepers
  • May need to be fluffed or turned during the night
Easy Breather Natural
  • Versatility with adjustable loft
  • Soft, breathable construction is great for hot sleepers
  • Nest Pillows come in 3 sizes: Standard, Queen, and King
  • Minimal smell and off-gassing
  • Sleeps cool because of shredded filling, and all-natural organic cotton cover
  • Free of chemicals, fire retardants, animal products
  • Easy Breather Natural is not washable. Only spot cleaning is allowed
  • Higher price than most pillows
  • Some off-gassing for the first day or two
  • Shipped compressed, so you have to wait briefly for spring-back
  • Stomach sleepers may find this pillow a bit too springy
  • May need to be fluffed or turned during the night

How Do Customers Rate the Nest Bedding Pillow?

Nest Easy Breather Easy Breather Natural 4.8/5 (752 reviews) 4.8/5 (372)
Amazon 4.5/5 (19 reviews) N/A
Google Shopping 4.6/5 (1,144) 4.6/5 (1,144)
Consumer Reports N/A N/A

What to Know Before You Buy the Nest Bedding Pillow

This section of the Easy Breather Pillow Guide covers everything you need to know about:

  • Materials and construction of the Easy Breather pillows
  • Considerations for different sleep positions
  • Company policies, warranties, and sleep trials
  • Deals and bundles offered
Nest Easy Breather
Size Dimensions Loft Price
Standard 24" x 16" Adjustable $99
Queen 27" x 16" Adjustable $119
King 32” x 16” Adjustable $149
Easy Breather Natural
Size Dimensions Loft Price
Standard 24" x 16" Adjustable $99
Queen 27" x 16" Adjustable $119
King 32” x 16” Adjustable $149

What Type of Sleeper is Well-Suited to a Nest Bedding Pillow?

Side Sleepers: The Nest Easy Breather with memory foam is especially geared for side sleepers because of the support and contouring for the neutrality of the cervical spine while allowing the head to sink properly. The Easy Breather Natural is a good choice to use as knee and leg support for side sleepers because it will retain its shape. By placing a pillow between your legs, the Easy Breather Natural will keep your knees, hips, and lumbar spine aligned when you sleep on your side.

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers will enjoy the support The Nest pillows give for the cervical spine. If you prefer a softer, more conforming pillow, get the Nest Easy Breather with its squishy consistency. If you want more spring and firmness, you will be happy with the Easy Breather Natural because the latex blend gives this pillow a resilient bouncy quality.

Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers may find the Easy Breather Natural to be a bit too springy. The better choice for stomach sleepers is the Nest Easy Breather with its squishy, moldable memory foam. The height or loft can be adjusted for the lower profile most stomach sleepers prefer.

Nest Easy Breather Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230
Side Sleepers Good Very Good Good
Back Sleepers Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Sleepers Fair Good Fair
Easy Breather Natural Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230
Side Sleepers Fair Good Very Good
Back Sleepers Good Very Good Very Good
Stomach Sleepers Poor Fair Good

Nest Bedding Pillow Deals and Bundles

Nest Bedding doesn’t have any deals or bundles at the time of this writing but visit the company’s website often for deals on pillows as they come up. The best times for bedding sales is typically on any federal holiday, including Memorial Day and President’s Day.

Nest Bedding Delivery, Trial, and Warranty Information

Delivery: Fast, free delivery within the contiguous 49 states. It comes slightly compressed in a box.

Returns: Returns are accepted within 30 days. Nest Bedding supplies a return shipping label and either schedules pickup or allows dropoffs at a carrier.

Sleep Trial: The pillows come with a 30-day sleep trial. Nest Bedding will send more filling upon request.  Email [email protected] to learn more.

Warranty: Nest Bedding offers a two-year warranty on all pillow. This covers manufacturer flaws only. It does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Minor imperfections or cosmetic flaws
  • Allergies or sensitivities
  • Naturally occuring aromas from foam, cotton, and other materials

Company Information

Customer Service: Most people who have worked with the Nested Bedding customer care team, including people who decided to return the pillow, report being satisfied with the experience.

Reputation: Nest Bedding has a good reputation for high-quality products.

BBB Rating: Nest Bedding has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Nest Bedding was founded in 2011.

Physical Stores: Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale

California: Albany, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN, New York, NY, Seattle, WA

Contact Information: Chat with a human, Mon-Sun during normal business hours. Check for the chat bubble on their site. Call 1 888.992.2001 Mon-Fri 8 am to 7 pm, and weekends, 7 am to 6 pm. Email: [email protected]