Nectar Mattress Review

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The Nectar mattress launched in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market for its combination of quality and affordability.

The Nectar mattress is the only mattress option Nectar currently offers. Nectar also sells bases and bedding.

The Nectar mattress is composed of four foam layers. The comfort layer of the Nectar mattress features 1 inch of quilted gel memory foam. The second layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam with a density of 3.5 pounds per cubic foot (PCF). The third layer uses 1.75 inches of Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam. The base layer of the Nectar mattress is 5.25 inches of support foam with a density of 2.2 PCF. The cover of the mattress is composed of Tencel.

Read our Nectar mattress review to learn detailed information on the Nectar mattress’s pricing, construction, performance, and more.


Nectar Mattress

In-depth Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Sizing and Pricing
Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39” x 75” x 11” 45 lbs $499
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 11” 48 lbs $569
Full 54” x 75” x 11” 68 lbs $699
Queen 60” x 80” x 11” 74 lbs $799
King 76” x 80” x 11” 89 lbs $999
California King 72” x 84” x 11” 89 lbs $999

The Nectar is available in one firmness option, which falls at a 6.0 on the firmness scale. (The scale is from 1-10, with 10 being the most firm and 1 being the least firm.) A mattress with this rating is considered to be medium firm. A mattress is this range is usually a good starting point for all sleeping positions. But someone who knows they tend to prefer a softer feel might find the Nectar to be too firm for their liking.


The Nectar mattress can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States with no charge. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is available for an extra fee.

You can buy the Nectar mattress through the Nectar website, on Amazon, or at hundreds of mattress and furniture stores across the United States.


The Nectar mattress is composed of four distinct foam layers to provide a combination of comfort, support, and durability. The comfort layer uses 1 inch of quilted gel memory foam. The second layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam with a density of 3.5 pounds PCF. The third layer is composed of 1.75 inches of Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam. The base layer features 5.25 inches of 2.2 PCF support foam. The mattress’s cover is made of Tencel.


The Nectar mattress ships for free within the contiguous United States. While the Nectar mattress can be shipped to Hawaii and Alaska, it costs an extra $150.

The Nectar mattress ships via FedEx. It usually arrives between 3-7 days from the time you order it depending on where you live. Once FedEx picks up the mattress, you will receive a tracking number so you know where it is.

The Nectar mattress will arrive in a protective carrier with handles to make the package easier to move. The buyer is responsible for setup, which takes just minutes.

Additional Service

With White Glove Service, Nectar will arrange for the setup of your new mattress and removal of your old mattress.

White Glove Service is available for an extra $149. If you purchase more than one item and order White Glove Service, you’ll also be charged an extra fee of $45 for each additional item that requires setup.

Note that purchasing White Glove Service may make the delivery window longer due to scheduling.

Sleep Trial

Nectar offers a 365-night sleep trial for the Nectar mattress. To give yourself time to adjust, you must try the mattress for at least 30 nights before you can return it. If you choose not to keep the mattress after 30 nights but before 365 nights, you will be eligible for a full refund of the price of the mattress. Nectar will help arrange for the disposal or donation of the mattress.


The Nectar mattress offers a lifetime warranty. This warranty protects the original purchaser from defects in the mattress’s materials, construction, quality, and/or durability. For the first 10 years, Nectar offers to replace the mattress at no extra cost to you if the mattress is found to be defective. After the first 10 years, Nectar offers to repair or replace your mattress, waiving the transportation fee if the mattress is determined defective.

Nectar Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Like most other foam mattresses, the Nectar offers exceptional motion isolation. The Nectar mattress’s foam layers absorb motion, which prevents it from transferring across the surface of the bed. With two layers of memory foam totaling 4 inches thick, the motion isolation in the Nectar mattress may be even more pronounced than it is comparable foam mattress. This means you might not even notice if your partner is tossing and turning during the night.

Edge Support

Foam mattresses do not traditionally offer reinforced edges. Without reinforced edges, the outer perimeter of the bed may compress and feel unstable when you sit or sleep close to the edge. While the Nectar mattress does not offer reinforced edges, the dense foam layers may prevent some of the edge instability associated with other foam mattresses.

Heat Retention

Foam mattresses hug to the body, which can trap heat. If you tend to sleep hot, the heat retention often associated with foam mattresses could be uncomfortable. As with many other foam mattresses, the Nectar mattress may trap some heat. However, two layers of gel memory foam are designed to offer cooling and breathability, so the Nectar mattress may perform better than many foam mattresses on the market.


When first unpackaged, foam mattresses often have a slight odor from the manufacturing and compression processes. Like other foam mattresses, the Nectar mattress may initially off-gas. However, the odor should dissipate within a few hours to a few days as long as the mattress is left in a well-ventilated space.


The Nectar mattress offers four layers of foam of varying thickness and density. This combination offers good contouring, which provides support and promotes proper alignment. While owners generally report good support from the Nectar mattress, some couples and sleepers over 230 pounds may find the support insufficient over time.


Memory foam is renowned for its ability to conform to the body by responding to heat and weight. The Nectar mattress features two layers of memory foam: one layer that uses 1 inch of quilted gel memory foam, and one layer with 3 inches of 3.5 PCF gel memory foam. Because these memory foam layers are thicker than many other mattresses provide, the Nectar mattress may offer more conforming than most other mattresses on the market.


Since the Nectar mattress was first introduced in 2017, the long-term durability of the mattress is unproven. However, the Nectar mattress is composed of high-quality foams, which should bode well for its durability. Plus, the lifetime warranty should protect consumers if the mattress proves to be less durable than expected.


Like other memory foam mattresses, the Nectar mattress responds to heat and pressure to conform to the body. This could limit movement and provide less bounce than most couples prefer for sex. However, the Nectar mattress is slightly firmer than many other foam mattresses, which might make it easier to move around on the surface.


Like other foam mattresses, the Nectar mattress is virtually silent. Since the memory foam absorbs movement, you are unlikely to hear the creaking and shifting associated with some mattresses. If you are easily disturbed by mattress noises, the Nectar mattress is a great choice for you.

Website Reviews 4.8/5 (5,736 reviews)
Google Shopping 4.6/5 (950 reviews)
Consumer Reports 2.7/5 (18 reviews)
Amazon 3.9/5 (1,016 reviews)

Nectar Mattress

What Type of Sleeper Is Well Suited to a Nectar mattress?

Side Sleepers: Sleeping on your side can create pressure points, which could leave you with aches and pains. The Nectar mattress’s two layers of memory foam total four inches. This provides enough memory foam to allow the heaviest parts of the body, like the hips, sink in. Not only can this relieve pressure for side sleepers, but it can also promote proper alignment.

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers usually require a balance between contouring and support. Too much contouring can be problematic, but just the right amount of contouring can support proper alignment. The Nectar mattress is a medium-firm mattress, so back sleepers are unlikely to sink in too deeply. The contouring provided by the two layers of memory foam should be sufficient to promote good spinal alignment for most back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers often benefit from a mattress that can accommodate their unique pressure points while preventing them from sinking in too deeply. The memory foam layers in the Nectar mattress can offer pressure relief for most stomach sleepers, while the overall firmness may prevent excessive sinking that could put undue strain on the back. However, the mattress may be slightly too firm for stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds.

Below Average Weight (under 130 lbs) Average Weight (130-230 lbs) Above Average Weight (above 230 lbs)
Side Sleepers Good Good Good
Back Sleepers Very Good Good Very Good
Stomach Sleepers Fair Good Good

Company Information

Customer Service: Nectar owners give Nectar’s customer service mixed reviews. Based on our research, around half of customers report positive experiences with Nectar’s customer service.

Reputation: Nectar is still relatively new to the mattress industry, so it has yet to establish a strong reputation.

BBB Rating: Nectar Sleep receives an A- from the Better Business Bureau and is not currently accredited. Nectar Sleep has received 420 customer complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Nectar launched in 2017.

Physical Stores: Nectar Sleep has a company store in Tysons Corner, VA. The Nectar mattress is also available at hundreds of furniture and mattress stores across the United States.

Contact Information: [email protected], 1-888-863-2827,

Our Verdict

The Nectar mattress is a good choice for shoppers looking for a good value on a memory foam mattress.

The Nectar mattress uses high-quality materials, but it is a fraction of the cost of most similar foam mattresses. Nectar also offers an exceptionally long sleep trial, giving you 365 nights to try the mattress out. The Nectar mattress’s lifetime warranty also sets it apart from most other mattresses on the market.

While the Nectar mattress only has one firmness option, it is medium-firm, which is likely to feel comfortable to a wide variety of sleepers. The two layers of memory foam offer good contouring and support for most sleep positions.

Nectar Sleep is still relatively new to the industry, so the company’s reputation and customer service still seem to be getting their footings. Because the company is still young, the durability and longevity of the Nectar mattress also remain untested.

Material Quality
8.3 / 10
8.5 / 10
Temperature Regulation
7.8 / 10
8.0 / 10
Suitability for Sex
7.6 / 10
Trial period
10.0 / 10
9.0 / 10
Company Reputation
7.0 / 10
Value for the Money
8.0 / 10


- Contouring support
- Good motion isolation
- Very quiet
- Free shipping and long sleep trial


- Only one firmness option
- Unknown durability
- Questionable customer service track record