Molecule Mattress Topper Review

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Molecule launched in 2018 with the Molecule mattress. The company designed its mattress with athletes in mind. Years of research went into the Molecule mattress, allowing it to sleep cool and provide ample support for those who live an active lifestyle. The company quickly gained popularity, in part due to its team of professional athlete ambassadors. With the success of the Molecule mattress, the company expanded its product offerings to include mattress toppers, sheets, bedding, pillows, and even a pet bed.

The Molecule product line currently includes three mattress toppers: the College topper, the Triple Zone mattress topper, and the AirTEC™ mattress topper. Each topper is specially designed to provide temperature regulation and promote recovery-based sleep.

  • The College Topper: built for college dorm room beds, the College Topper is only available in size Twin XL. It features a two-layer foam construction with an advanced phase change cover. This mattress topper is the only Molecule mattress topper that features straps that attach the topper to the mattress.
  • Triple Zone Mattress Topper: the Triple Zone mattress topper features the same foam construction and advanced phase change cover as the College topper; however, this topper is available in all standard sizes, Twin through California King. It provides the same type of dynamic support and cooling feel, but it does not have straps to attach to the mattress.
  • AirTEC™ Mattress Topper: this option features a unique three-layer foam construction with a cooling fiber cover. Crafted for maximum airflow and temperature regulation, the AirTEC™ Mattress Topper is designed to sleep even cooler than the Triple Zone and College mattress toppers.

Read on for our in-depth review of all three of the Molecule mattress toppers. We cover available sizes, pricing, construction, and more to help you decide which mattress topper is best for you.

Molecule Mattress Topper Quick Overview

  1. Provides temperature regulation and a cooling feel
  2. Contouring memory foam relieves pressure points
  3. Support foam promotes proper spinal alignment
  4. Cover can be machine washed for easy cleaning

In-depth Molecule Mattress Topper Review

Molecule Topper Sizing and Pricing

When choosing a mattress topper, it is important to select the right size for your mattress. Mattress toppers sit on top of your current mattress and either have straps to attach to the mattress or are secured with your fitted sheet. The College mattress topper is only available in size Twin XL. The Triple Zone and AirTEC™ are available in standard sizes Twin through California King. Dimensions for each size are listed below.

Thickness is also an important consideration when selecting a mattress topper. Thicker layers of memory foam tend to provide more cushioning and pressure point relief. However, mattress toppers also change the height of your mattress, which can affect the fit of your sheets. If you already have a high-profile mattress and want to add a thick topper, you may need new sheets with a deeper pocket.

Dimensions Molecule Triple Zone Topper Molecule AirTEC™ Topper
Twin 75" x 39" x 3” $199 $249
Twin XL 80" x 39" x 3” $199 $249
Full 75" x 54" x 3” $229 $279
Queen 80" x 60" x 3” $249 $299
King 80" x 76" x 3” $299 $349
California King 84" x 72" x 3” $299 $349

Note: The College Topper is only available in Twin XL and its price is $199.

Purchasing a mattress topper is less expensive than buying a whole new mattress. High-quality mattress toppers are still an investment, though, as these toppers use premium materials and quality construction. To be worth buying, a mattress topper should provide support and comfort. Better materials and construction allow the mattress topper to last longer, so it’s typically worth the extra money to select a high-quality option.

Molecule Mattress Topper Performance

Molecule Triple Zone Topper: The Triple Zone and College toppers feature the same two-layer foam construction. The second layer of RecoveryFlo foam features a contoured, 3D geometric surface with three zones. This layer is designed to be softer at the head and feet, and firmer in the center. This provides additional support for the lumbar area. Overall, this results in a responsive, inviting feel.

Molecule AirTEC™ Mattress Topper: The RecoveryFlo support foam promotes proper spinal alignment, while the added layers of foam provide full body support. As a result, the AirTEC™ mattress topper has great support.

What Type of Sleeper is Good for an Molecule Mattress Topper?

Sleeping position is an important factor to consider when deciding on a mattress topper. Those who sleep on their side will need thicker cushioning, as their hips and shoulders press into the mattress. Both the Triple Zone and AirTEC™ toppers feature thick foam construction that offers good support for side sleepers who are average to light weight.

Back sleepers tend to maintain their natural posture as they sleep. In order to keep the spine in alignment, lumbar cushioning is especially important. Both the Triple Zone and AirTEC™ mattress toppers have a responsive foam layer for spinal alignment and lower back support.

Stomach sleepers need proper support that prevents their stomach and abdomen from sinking too far into the mattress, but they also need moderate conforming for their chest.

It is also important to take body weight into consideration. Heavyweight sleepers put more pressure on the mattress topper. As a result, a thicker topper is ideal for those who weigh more than 230 pounds.

Molecule Triple Zone Mattress Topper

Lightweight Sleepers (Less than 130lb) Average-weight Sleepers (130-230lb) Heavyweight Sleepers (More than 230lb)
Side Sleepers Very Good Good Fair
Back Sleepers Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Sleepers Very Good Good Good

Molecule AirTEC™ Mattress Topper

Lightweight Sleepers (Less than 130lb) Average-weight Sleepers (130-230lb) Heavyweight Sleepers (More than 230lb)
Side Sleepers Very Good Good Good
Back Sleepers Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Sleepers Very Good Very Good Good

Materials and Construction

The Molecule mattress toppers feature high-quality construction with multiple layers of foam as well as premium fabric covers. The Triple Zone and College toppers feature the same foam construction and fabric cover, though the College topper is designed with college dorm mattresses in mind. The AirTEC™ is engineered to sleep cooler. Additional details regarding the materials and construction of each can be found below.

  • College Mattress Topper: this mattress topper features two layers of foam with a fabric cover. The cover is made of an advanced phase change material that regulates temperature by drawing away heat and moisture. The comfort layer of this topper is one inch of Molecule’s proprietary RestoreFlo foam. This open-cell memory foam is more breathable than traditional memory foam, allowing air to flow through the mattress. It is also infused with gel microbeads that help keep the foam cool. This layer provides pressure point relief and a contouring feel. The second layer is two inches of Molecule’s exclusive RecoveryFlo foam. This responsive support layer is a 3D geometric surface with three zones for customized support. The head and foot of this layer are softer and provide more cushioning, while the center zone is firmer to support the back and spine. The College topper has straps at the corners to secure it to the mattress. Since this mattress topper is specifically tailored for college dorm mattresses, it is only available in size Twin XL.
  • Triple Zone Mattress Topper: the Triple Zone mattress topper features the same two-layer foam construction and phase change material cover as the College Mattress topper, but it is available in standard sizes Twin through California King. The other important difference between the two is that the Triple Zone mattress topper does not have straps at the corners. It rests on top of the mattress without attachments and is held in place by your fitted sheet.
  • AirTEC™ Mattress Topper: The AirTec™ is slightly softer and more breathable than the Triple Zone and College toppers. This topper features a three-layer construction with a cooling fabric cover. The cover has fibers woven in that help to draw heat away from the body and regulate temperature. The first layer of the AirTEC™ mattress topper is one inch of proprietary MolecularFlo foam, which has seven times more airflow than traditional memory foam. This layer is breathable and durable. Beneath the MolecularFlo foam is a layer of HexFlo foam, which is an advanced polyfoam with a matrix of open cells. This layer adds ventilation to the mattress. It is also more responsive and feels similar to latex. The support layer of the AirTEC™ mattress topper is a thinner layer of RecoveryFlo foam, which provides support for spinal alignment.


Delivery, Trial and Warranty Information

TRIAL PERIOD Molecule offers a 30 day trial period and helps to arrange the donation of the topper. Full refunds are provided with a verified donation.
WARRANTY A 5-year limited warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials, including indentations greater than one inch and any flaws in the zipper or cover. Molecule does not cover normal wear and tear or issues from improper use.
SHIPPING INFORMATION Free shipping within the contiguous U.S. -- additional charges apply for Alaska and Hawaii. International shipping is not available.

How to Use Your Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers sit on top of your mattress, changing the overall comfort level and feel of your sleeping surface. The Molecule mattress toppers are compressed, sealed in plastic, and shipped in a box. Follow these steps to set up your Molecule mattress topper:

  1. Place the compressed mattress topper -- still in its plastic packaging -- on top of your mattress that has been stripped of all sheets and bedding.
  2. Carefully cut and remove the plastic sleeve from the mattress topper.
  3. Unroll the mattress topper on top of your mattress.
  4. Remove the liner.
  5. If you received the topper with the cover detached, set the cover on the mattress first and then place the topper inside the cover (with the blue foam on the bottom) and zip up the cover.
  6. Allow the topper to fully expand, which can take up to 24 hours.
  7. If setting up the College topper, attach each corner strap underneath your mattress corners.
  8. Put your fitted sheet on snugly over the mattress and mattress topper. This also helps keep the topper in place.

Proper care and cleaning extends the lifespan of your mattress topper, so it is important to understand the manufacturer recommendations when it comes to cleaning your Molecule mattress topper. All three of the Molecule mattress toppers have a removable cover. The cover can be machine washed in cold water on the delicate cycle and tumble dried on low. The cover should be removed promptly from the dryer. The mattress toppers can also be spot cleaned with gentle soap diluted with warm water and a sponge or cloth.

About Molecule

Customer Service: The majority of customers have had a positive experience with Molecule’s customer service team, even if they decided to return the mattress topper. Customer service responds quickly to inquiries.

Reputation: Molecule has built its reputation around designing sleep products that aid in rest and recovery. Each product is backed by scientific research and development. In addition, the company has the endorsement of well-known professional athletes.

BBB Rating: Molecule has not yet been rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Molecule was founded in 2018.

Physical Stores: Molecule does not currently have any brick-and-mortar locations.

Contact Information: Molecule can be reached via email at [email protected], by phone at +1 833-365-REST (+1 833-365-7378), or via the live chat option on the Molecule website.