Casper Mattress Topper Review

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Casper was founded in 2013 and is one of the best-known online mattress brands. The company started out with just one mattress but now offers a wide variety of products including three distinct mattress models, pillows, bedding, bed frames, and more. With a dedicated product development team, Casper has increasingly come to be recognized for innovation across its product line including for unique offerings like a dog bed, CBD sleep gummies, and the Glow Light.

Among this list of innovative products is the Casper Mattress Topper. It features multi-layer construction with latex, polyfoam, and memory foam. Combined, these materials provide a quality of performance that sets the Casper Mattress Topper apart from many other toppers on the market.

The Casper Mattress Topper is one of the few toppers that you will find that includes latex. Including latex along with memory foam and specialty polyfoam in the 3-inch thick topper allows it to provide notable bounce and cushion the body for support. Additional features like the infusion of graphite in the latex and the use of breathable foams help to regulate temperature.

Our in-depth review describes all the key information that you need to decide whether the Casper Mattress Topper is right for you.

Casper Mattress Topper Quick Overview

  1. Multi-layer, multi-material construction for support, bounce, and durability
  2. Graphite-infused latex and breathable foams help regulate temperature
  3. 100-night sleep trial
  4. 10-year limited warranty is much longer than for most toppers

In-depth Casper Mattress Topper Review

Casper Topper Sizing and Pricing

The Casper mattress topper is available in six different sizes and fits most standard-sized mattresses. The Casper topper’s price correlates with the size of the topper; larger toppers require more material, so they cost more. While these toppers are definitely an investment, because they can make an existing mattress more comfortable and suitable for your needs, they can save you significant money relative to buying an all-new mattress.

Dimension Price
Twin 35.8" x 74.5" x 3" $195
Twin XL 38.5" x 79.5" x 3" $215
Full 53.5" x 74.5" x 3" $265
Queen 59.5" x 79.5" x 3" $295
King 75.5" x 79.5" x 3" $355
California King 71.5" x 83.5" x 3" $355

Casper Mattress Topper Performance

To understand whether the Casper Mattress Topper is right for you, you’ll need to consider the details about how it performs and feels, including how that performance relates to your needs and sleep preferences. If you’re planning to buy the topper online and can’t travel to a Casper store to feel the topper for yourself, we’ve highlighted the most important elements that you should know before you place your order.

What Type of Sleeper is Good for a Casper Mattress Topper?

No single topper will be the best choice for sleepers of every weight. Lighter-weight sleepers do not tend to sink down into toppers as much as heavier-weight sleepers, so a lighter-weight person may prefer a softer, thinner topper. A sleeper with a higher body weight will sink further into a topper, so a thicker option with a firmer feel will usually make them feel more comfortable and supported.

Your preferred sleeping position can also affect whether a topper is right for you. Back and stomach sleepers need a topper that offers contouring support that will promote proper spinal alignment while also providing enough firmness so that the sleeper’s abdomen doesn’t sink too deeply into the topper. Side sleepers often prefer a topper that is thicker yet less firm because this type of topper can relieve pressure on their shoulders, knees, and hips.

While your personal preferences will ultimately determine the topper that’s right for you, the chart below can give you a sense of how the Casper Mattress Topper may suit your weight and sleep position.

Lightweight Sleepers (Less than 130lb) Average-weight Sleepers (130-230lb) Heavyweight Sleepers (More than 230lb)
Side Sleepers Very Good Very Good Good
Back Sleepers Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Sleepers Very Good Good Fair

Materials and Construction

A topper’s construction shapes how that topper will feel and perform. Materials and construction will affect a topper’s weight, contouring properties, the support it offers, its durability, and even how cool the topper sleeps.

Casper's topper three-layer design is somewhat uncommon in toppers. The top layer is referred to as "Alt-Latex" by Casper, which is a way of describing a speciality polyfoam that has been formulated to have a latex-like feel. The second layer is graphite-infused latex. The third layer is viscoelastic memory foam. Together, these materials and the multi-layer construction make this topper comfortable yet durable and more supportive than many similar products. The topper features a cover made of polyester, rayon, and lycra on top and polyester and acrylic latex on the bottom. All of the materials used in this topper are built to last, and features like open-cell foam and graphite-infused latex help keep the topper from sleeping hot.

Delivery, Trial and Warranty Information

TRIAL PERIOD Casper accepts mattress topper returns during the first 100 nights that you own the topper.
WARRANTY Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty on its mattress topper.
SHIPPING INFORMATION Casper offers free shipping to the contiguous United States, and return shipping is free. Shipping is available in the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Orders in the United States are shipped via UPS Ground within one to two business days after the order is placed. Extra charges may apply when shipped internationally.
MADE IN Not Listed

How to Use a Mattress Topper

The Casper Mattress Topper is compressed, wrapped in plastic, and shipped in a relatively small cardboard box. When the topper arrives, remove it from the box and carefully cut away the plastic. Lay the topper over your bed and allow it to expand to its full size.

This topper is heavy (the Queen weighs 30.4 pounds), and that weight is part of what helps to keep it in place on your mattress. Be sure to position the topper so that the bottom of the cover faces down onto the mattress. The bottom of the cover is made of a 72% Polyester and 26% Acrylic Latex blend, which offers additional grip to keep the topper from sliding around. You’ll want to tightly place your fitted sheet over the topper and your mattress as this will also keep the topper from moving on top of the bed.

This topper cannot be machine washed. The cover is removable and you can spot clean it with a mild detergent. If the cover needs to be washed you can hand wash it with cold water, but only allow it to air dry rather than putting it in the dryer.

About Casper

Customer Service: Casper is responsive to customer concerns, and most customers have been satisfied with their customer service experience.

Reputation: Casper started with a single mattress and has since become known for its innovative range of sleep products. The company has grown its positive reputation through its dedication to improving communities and the environment by taking in old bedding and mattresses for recycling at some of its stores and by donating more than 70,000 products to people and dogs in need.

BBB Rating: Casper has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Years in Business: Casper was founded in 2013.

Physical Stores: In addition to selling mattresses through its website and through online retailers like Amazon, Casper has partnered with Target and Raymour and Flanigan; you can find Casper products in more than 1,000 of these stores nationwide.

Contact Information: 888-498-0003,